What's up?
Fire Safety

The fall rummage sale will be held at the fire hall on Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23, 2010.  For more information or to donate items call Arlene at 724-622-4133

From time to time, we need to replace old obsolete equipment as well as add new technologies to our "bag of tricks".  Unfortunately, fire equipment isn't cheap!  We can accomplish our goals several ways.  These include applying for grants, taking out loans and leases,  and saving money toward future purchases.

We've been working hard for several years to save money for this purpose.  We've also been applying for grants to help buy the much needed equipment.  WELL, our efforts are paying off.  Several things have come together over the last few months that allow us to do some serious upgrading in the department.

After several years of trying, we have obtained a federal grant to buy new breathing apparatus.